Youth Services

The Youth Services Program provides year-round activities for children ages 4 – 12. During the school year, students participate in the after-school program. It provides: homework assistance; enrichment programs delivered by the Boy Scouts of America, Perfect Team Play chess club, Harris County Aquatics Program and Traveling Naturalist; structured play, a light snack and a substantial supper. In the summer months, youth enroll in a camp where they participate in daily activities that include physical, social and academic components. Our summer partners include, Texas AgriLife, Harris County Street Olympics (Harris County Aquatics Program and Discovery Camp), Boy Scouts and Perfect Team Play. Children are also provided a healthy lunch and weekly field trips. Hester House participates in the City of Houston’s food program that offers snacks and a light supper during the school year and lunch during the summer for children up to 18 years old.


 Family & Social Services

The Hester House Family and Social Services program addresses immediate client needs while assessing root causes impacting the client’s ability to maintain and/or achieve self-sufficiency. Case Management Services address client needs through intake, assessments, information referrals, development of personal goals/objectives, monitoring and evaluation. Supportive Services address basic and urgent needs. Services include life skills, financial literacy, employment assistance and educational assistance. Hester House’s strategic planning includes services to help adults reach these goals, such as classes in the following areas: GED, English as a Second Language, Spanish, computer classes and adult literacy classes.

 Senior Services

Hester House’s Senior Services program empowers seniors to live independently and with dignity. Critical services for the elderly are provided in a community-based environment promoting health and nutrition, social activities, recreation and supportive services. Ultimately, the impact will result in an increase in lifestyle changes, which supports the agency’s mission of promoting quality living in Fifth Ward. Health and nutrition are key components of the Senior Services program. We provide nutritional meals and health education/awareness. Seniors are provided structured and entertaining activities consisting of field trips, arts and crafts, physical fitness programs, birthday recognitions, intercultural celebrations, devotional services and intergenerational activities with Hester House’s youth program. Complimentary transportation is also provided to transport seniors to and from the center daily.

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  1. I am retired (took early retirement to help with my grandsons)and am looking for part-time work. I had a part-time job but no longer have it and I am unable to catch up on my bills and rent. My brother helped me last month and I don’t want to burden him again. Is there anyway you could help me pay December rent so that when my SS check comes at the end of December I will be in much better shape for the coming year? I can send you copies of whatever you need to decide. Many thanks if you can help.

    • I encourage you to come in and see or call LaTara Lee, she can help provide guidance with regard to the current challenges you are facing. Our number is 713.274.1394 or come in and see her between 9 am and 1 pm. I am going to forward your email address to her as well.

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