Hard Hat Time at Hester House – The New Julia C. Hester Recreation Building

Construction is slated to begin in July of the new Julia C. Hester House Recreation Building. When completed, the building with house a multi-purpose space that will support a myriad of activities: basketball, volleyball, boxing, line dancing, banquets, seminars, health fairs, conventions and many other Street Olympic types activities. Another portion of the building would provide space for exercising, weight-lifting, testing, health classes, and continuing education classes in computer science. The aquatics area will provide for recreational swimming, competition swimming, and “learn to swim” classes.

The building has been strategically organized with a central core, which houses the dressing/locker rooms, administration office, public lobby and restrooms. This design will support both the organized facilities, as well as the aquatic venue. A security office has been planned in a manner to provide visual surveillance to the new building as well as the existing structures.

The site has also been redesigned to accommodate space for buses, for easy unloading and loading of students, seniors, and other visitors for special events.

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